2021 Passive Sensors
MSS Specialty Group on Passive Sensors
The MSS Passive Sensors specialty group evolved from the Imaging Systems Specialty group of IRIS and provides a SECRET Level classified forum for the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of information regarding developments in passive sensor systems operating in the optical (UV through mm wave) spectrum. The group focuses on systems that exploit natural or man-made emanations from the target and scene. The group addresses both tactical and strategic systems and considers all elements that make up a system from the entrance aperture through to the decision process, including any image processing that may be applied. It also addresses multi-element systems such as FLIR-laser ranger/designator systems where the principal sensor system is passive. Sensors considered include UV sensors; visible band sensors and image intensifier systems; infrared sensors from the near IR to the long-long wave IR/mm wave; multiband, Hyperspectral, polarimetric sensors; weapon guidance seekers; and other similar devices. Sensor components and associated technologies including displays, gimbals, etc. are also discussed. Human factors associated with sensors and the entire target acquisition process are also of interest.
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Infrared Search and Track Systems

System Test and Evaluation

Analysis, Modeling, and Visual Psychophysics

Emerging Technologies and System Concepts

Laser Hardening/Electro-Optical Counter-Countermeasures

Sensors System Design & Development

Space-Based Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (Space ISR) and Space Situational Awareness

Image Processing and Realtime Implementation

Image Based Operations

Hyperspectral and Multidimensional Sensors

Small Unattended Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Sensors and Systems

Counter UAS Technologies

Joint Session: Commercial Imagery Sensors, Systems, Algorithms, and Applications