2021 Battlefield Survivability and Discrimination

MSS Specialty Group on Battlefield Survivability and Discrimination

The Battlefield Survivability and Discrimination Specialty Group evolved from the MSS Specialty Group on Camouflage, Concealment, and Deception (CC&D) and focuses heavily on the survivability of both sea and battlefield platforms. The meeting is conducted at the SECRET classified level. It covers CC&D, Counter CC&D, Countermine, and IED Defeat topics. The meeting treats at the CLASSIFIED level counter CC&D sensors including a heavy emphasis on Hyperspectral sensors. In addition, the human factors aspects of both detecting enemy assets and hiding US assets from the enemy are considered in depth.

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Special Session: Electronic Warfare Systems, Technologies, and Applications

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Signal & Image Processing

Techniques to Counter IEDs, Mines, Explosives, and Battlefield Obstacles

CC&D Concepts, Systems and Counter CC&D

Modeling and Simulation

Targets, Backgrounds and Discrimination

Test and Evaluation of Materials, Concepts, and Systems

Soldier, Platform, and Fixed-Site Sensors

Joint Session: Small Unattended Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Sensors and Systems

Joint Session: Counter UAS Technologies

Joint Session: Commercial Imagery Sensors, Systems, Algorithms, and Applications

Meta AI/ML


General AI/ML



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