2021 Detectors and Materials

MSS Specialty Group on Detectors

The MSS Specialty Group on Detectors is a SECRET level classified forum for the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of information on detector technology. It covers the electromagnetic spectrum from x-rays through terahertz. The group addresses all aspects of detector technology including detection phenomena, the physics of ideal and real detectors, advanced material growth technology, and the chemistry of detector fabrication processes. This meeting covers the reliability and survivability of detectors including nuclear hardness. Also of interest are the electronics and signal processing associated with focal plane image formation such as readout circuit technology, on-focal-plane signal processing, and non-uniformity correction. Detector technologies of interest include discrete detectors, scanning and staring focal plane arrays, photon and thermal detectors, coherent and incoherent detectors, and wavelength converters.

MSS Specialty Group on Materials

The MSS Specialty Group on Materials provides a SECRET level classified forum for the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of information within the defense community on the exploration, development, and utilization of materials to be used in military optical and electro-optical devices and systems operating in the optical (UV to mm wave) spectrum. Subjects include materials for detectors and substrates, optical windows and other optical elements, filters, optical techniques such as diffractive and binary optics and rugates, meta-materials, and other materials issues that enable the development of optical and electro-optical sensors, etc.


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Joint Session: Uncooled IR Detector and FPA Technology

Joint Session: Correlation of Material Properties/Defect Structures with Detector Performance

Joint Session: Ultra Large Formats-Focal Plane Arrays and Substrates

Joint Session: Multi-layer Structures for Focal Plane Arrays

Advanced Detector Technology & Applications

Detectors and FPAs for Active Receiver Systems

Detectors for Space Applications

Advanced Readout Circuit Technology

Multicolor, Hyperspectral, and Polarization - Sensitive Detectors

Characterization and Modeling of Materials, Processing, and Evaluation Techniques for Improved Device Performance

Optical Materials for Improved System Performance and Eye/Sensor Protection

New and Engineered Materials